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Welcome to Food Waste Aced! We are here to help you learn all about false expiration dates and how to preserve food the right way. We will provide you with all kinds of awesome recipes, activities, and more to help you take most use out of all kinds of foods!

You can use our website if you waste food in your household and want to waste less (especially after reading false expiration dates on items). If you are here for recipes, check out our recipes page on the top menu or look at themed recipes in the “miscellaneous” section on the menu bar. If you are here for our special tips on how to preserve and waste less food, you can search for a certain item in the search bar on the side. If finding tips by category (ex. Dairy, Grains, etc.), use the drop-down menu on the side or browse by category on the top menu.

Hope this page was helpful! If you need any more help, comment on any post and we will respond as soon as possible to help you.

-The Food Waste Aced Team


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