Q: Where can I find the pages that explain how to preserve foods and what to do when they expire?

A: One thing that you can do is access them on the top menu bar by category (ex. Dairy, Meat, etc.). You can also search for specific foods in the search bar on the side of the page. If your item doesn’t show up, we might not have it on our site, however, feel free to make suggestions for any new pages and we will try to make any as soon as possible. Hope this helps.

Q: How can I comment or add additional recipes/ info onto certain posts?

A: You can click on the specific post you would like to comment on and scroll down. Once you see a box that you can type in, you can type your comment in and publish it! Note- Our blog administrators can remove or report posts- so be careful about what you post!

Q: Are the recipes on the site yours?

A: Some of the recipes on our blog are ours. The ones that are not ours are cited under each recipe (full website list can be found on the bibliography page).

Q: How did you come up with the idea for the blog?

A: Our staff noticed that we were wasting tons of food in our households, and we wanted to find out what the main cause of all the waste was. We did some research and found that 90% of food is wasted through the misconception of false expiration dates. Our blog has tremendously changed our lives, and we hope to change ours with our tips.

Q: What if I don’t see the food that I am looking for?

A: You can comment on any post you want and provide us with the specific type of food, and once we see your comment, we will post it as soon as possible!

Q: Is your blog available on mobile devices?

A: Yes, our blog is available on cellphones and tablets of any kind! You can access it the way you would on a computer.

If you’ve got any more questions, type them in the comments section below! We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Thanks & hope this page helps!

-The FoodWasteAced Team


17 thoughts on “FAQ

    • foodwasteaced02 says:

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, you cannot submit foods and their expiration dates. However, you can contact us, and if we think it is fine, we can give you authors’ access so that you can post! For now, feel free to comment and share articles, tips, and more with us so that we can publish them!
      The Food Waste Aced Team

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    • FoodWasteAced04 says:

      Hi Tiki,
      Blanching vegetables means to plunge them quickly into boiling water – for just a minute or two – then immediately stick the vegetables into a bowl of ice water. If you are serving cooked vegetables cold, this technique will ensure that they will maintain their beautiful colors. This technique can work for most vegetables, and also nuts!
      Hope we helped!
      – The FoodWasteAced Team

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    • foodwasteaced02 says:

      Hey @dontwaistmityme! Thank you- we came up with the idea after noticing that we were wasting so much food in our households and didn’t really know why. We did some research and noticed that 80% of food waste comes from false expiration dates misleading people to think that food is expired when it really isn’t. We created this site to help more people all over the world to learn about our journey and to learn how to preserve more food and waste less. Hope we helped!
      -The FoodWasteAced Team

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  1. athenakitchen says:

    Hey FoodWaste Aced,
    I love your website, but I have one question. If I want to share your site with my friends and family, do you have an app that they can download or should I just tell them to visit your website online (or on their mobile devices)? Thanksssssssss
    -Athena xoxo

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    • foodwasteaced02 says:

      Hi Athena,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Unfortunately, we don’t have an app where you can access our site/ tips, but you can always access our site online (no matter what device you use). 🙂
      -The FoodWasteAced Team

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  2. whatsupmomsblog says:

    Hey there. Its Zooey again from whatsupmomsblog, make sure to follow us (: I was just wondering, how do you preserve any soft fruit like plums or peaches. I love those but they get rotten super fast, especially when they are organic. Thanks
    Keep up the great work!

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    • foodwasteaced02 says:

      Hey Zooey,
      Thanks so much for your question! To preserve any soft fruit, you should cut it in small cubes right after purchasing it and can it. After putting the fruit in the can, it is recommended to put it in the freezer so that it stays fresh for as long as possible. For more tips like this, be sure to follow our blog!
      -The FoodWasteAced Team

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    • foodwasteaced02 says:

      Hi There,
      Great Question! If you are looking for recipes on what to do with stale bread, then be sure to check out our recipes section. We have tons of easy (and delicious) recipes that involve stale bread over there! Thanks for the question.
      -The FoodWasteAced Team

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  3. chefinthemaking says:

    Do you have any healthy dishes to make with chicken? I have one thats about to go bad and I need to make some dinner for the family tonight! Thanks 🙂


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